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Sirius Has To Go

Posted on Tue, 26 February, 2019

Have you ever tried to quit Sirius XM? It’s harder than you think. The difficulty lies in the hard sell at the end meant to dissuade you from actually quitting.  It reminds me of the Friends episode, I want to Quit the Gym. Sirius needs to go.

There was no sexy supermodel to disorient me, but Sirius uses most of the same techniques.  I began my call with, “I want to terminate my service and I don’t want the hard sell.  Please just cancel my account.”  Not possible.  I think they must threaten their employees with bodily harm if they don’t stick to the script.


After several minutes of carrying on in this fashion, I had to yell at the woman on the other end, “JUST CANCEL MY SERVICE!”  That was truly the first time during the call she heard anything I said because finally, she asked why.  At that point, it was a mission to regain my freedom.  The last time I called to cancel they lowered their price so much it was almost criminal not to accept it.  The solicitations in the mail are neverending too.  I would prevail this time!


I love music, and I love the commercial free utopia that is Sirius.  I have also come to love podcasts just as much and they’re free. I can play Spotify or Pandora through the car even though they have commercials and that meets my music needs just fine.  I don’t need to be chained to another subscription service.  I think it is a need to simplify and keep track of less. I haven’t even watched Marie Kondo yet but I know Sirius is no longer bringing me joy. So Sirius has to go.



Jodi Klugman-Rabb is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Marin County.  She makes a habit of connecting with clients on a humorous and practical level, helpful when specializing in Parental Identity Discovery™, ADHD and trauma.  She is a wife of 20 years and the mom of two funny and awesome kids. Connect with Jodi on this website, this one, her Psychology Today Blog, Podcast or Facebook.

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