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Parental Identity Discovery™


Parental Identity Discovery™ was developed in response to the unique effects of learning about misled or falsified biological parentage.


Brought about by easy access to DNA testing or learning of adoption, newly revealed family secrets can change the landscape of family relationships, identity and sense of belonging.  At it’s core, Parental Identity Discovery is about learning your biological story.

Discovering true parentage and new family can create a crisis in identity, succinctly expressed by one client, ” I didn’t know, that I didn’t know who I was.” Grief, unwanted changes in family relationships and problems in bonding can result.  The adoption triangle concept addresses the “inalienable bond of biology” and heavily influences this new approach.


EMDR is my treatment of choice to address the negative core beliefs that come from betrayals, identity changes and relationship dynamics.  It’s efficient and effective.

We continue to explore the goals you set in this new journey regarding choosing to meet unknown family, the impact of contacting them and communicating with known and biological family.

Throughout this journey it is important to feel you have someone who understands. Someone to navigate the unknown with you.  I have personal experience with this phenomenon. Visit the Parental Identity Discovery website to read about my story.Parental Identity Logo




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