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Parental Identity Discovery™

I developed Parental Identity Discovery™ to help those affected by life changing DNA revelations – through adoption or NPE, hidden parentage.

With easy access to DNA testing or learning of adoption, newly revealed family secrets are changing the landscape of family relationships, identity and sense of belonging.  At it’s core, Parental Identity Discovery™, also known as Non-Paternity Events (NPE) is about learning your biological story, who you are and how you fit in.

Discovering true parentage and a new family can create a crisis in identity, succinctly expressed by one client, ” I didn’t know, that I didn’t know who I was.” Grief, unwanted changes in known family relationships along with potential rejection and bonding problems all arise from this experience.  The pull to know our biological story is strong, compelling us to look for meaning which known family may find hurtful.

Adoptees have been the sole keepers of this experience until the recent advent of commercial DNA tests.  The literature on adoption heavily influences my approach through concepts like the “inalienable bond of biology”.

EMDR is my treatment of choice to address the negative core beliefs that come from betrayals, identity changes, and relationship dynamics.  It’s efficient and effective.

We continue to explore the goals you set in this new journey regarding choosing to meet unknown family, the impact of contacting them and communicating with known (birth certificate parents) and biological family.  We explore getting to know yourself all over again, the pace of bonding with people who are complete strangers, and blending families if the dynamics allow for that.

Throughout this journey, it is important to feel you have someone who understands – someone to navigate the unknown with you.  I have my own DNA story that allows me to understand first hand how this affects every aspect of your life.Parental Identity Discovery Logo

Support Group for Parental Identity Discovery,

NPE, and Adoptees

Looking for a group with fellow NPE’s, adoptees? Join the on-going monthly support group where you can safely explore what to do next without judgment.

Third Monday of each month        7:00-8:30 pm PST USA            $40/class                                               Virtual group via HIPAA compliant program – link is given upon enrollment


Have you discovered a new parent or relative from adoption or DNA test/hidden parentage?  
Have you experienced a major change in sense of self and strong feelings of grief?  
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Listen to my podcast where real people from all sides of the Parental Identity Discovery/NPE experience tell their stories about learning who they are from the secrets their family keeps.  Available on iTunesGoogle Play, Podbean and Spotify.  

Questions about DNA results or how to find biological family?                
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