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You may have been in a natural disaster, a car accident or woken up during surgery.  Maybe you thought you put a childhood of abuse behind you, or were the victim of a violent crime or abusive relationship. You may have trauma from work as a first responder or veteran.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective treatment of trauma of any kind.  Phobias, chronic anger or anxiety can all be helped with EMDR.


How Does It Work?

EMDR changes the way we experience the emotional components of traumas by using bilateral stimulation; asking the two hemispheres of the brain to process information that has been isolated.

As if a ball of dough had been pulled of the mother dough, trauma exists separate from the resiliency of our positive coping until reprocessed and replaced with positive beliefs.

It is backed by countless case reports and controlled research, which makes me feel good using it.  I know it works because I see clients enter a session with tears and leave smiling, feeling relief.

It is that good.


How Long Does it Take?

Clients usually feel relief within 3-6 sessions, thereby cutting the treatment time to a fraction of traditional “talk therapy” time. More complex histories will require more sessions and each case is treated individually.


Are you the victim of a violent crime, abuse or natural disaster?
Are you still struggling with patterns from childhood that affect your esteem?
Are you a first responder traumatized by the job?
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