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Anger Management

Anger is Normal

First, anger is a normal human emotion.  Without it we wouldn’t be a successful species. Anger Management is an opportunity to learn how to use anger more effectively.

Although anger management has become a cliché in the pop culture, it deserves attention from a specialist. Whether self-referred or mandated by the court (or your spouse!), anger management is about learning tools for effective communication, recognizing patterns of behavior and developing essential skills that strengthen relationships for better quality of life.


How I Work

I use a brief model of anger management appropriate for individuals, couples or families with practical cognitive-behavioral techniques brought together in my Anger Management 101 Workbook.

In this workbook, I have collected many exercises from the notable anger expert Ronald Potter-Efron, incorporating tools on handling criticism, parenting and improving overall lifestyle through nutrition, exercise and sleep.

I pay particular attention to how anger was used in your family of origin, connecting that to current patterns of behavior.  Family is the training ground for how we learn to be in the world – good or bad.

Ultimately you will identify triggers and reinforcers and address the core beliefs attached to any inappropriate anger. Ultimately we will identify a healthy skill set for communicating your needs along with reliable self-soothing when triggered.


Domestic Violence

I work with domestic violence in a similar manner with much focus on the family of origin.  Often there is pain and even abuse there.  Violence is an attempt to feel in control when things have felt very out of control otherwise.

Safety for everyone in the family is the most important concern.



Watch Jodi talk about anger management.


Do you express your feelings mostly in anger?
Do you use anger as a weapon, habitually?
Perhaps you have painful feelings from your childhood associated with anger?

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