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Parenting & Family

Strengthening Family Life

Parenting and family life is the most important job you will ever engage in because you are bringing up the next generation and teaching them how to engage with the world. Therefore, the quality of the relationship and the structure provided by your family and parenting style can either nurture or hinder the well being of your children. No pressure!

If you find your parenting style ineffective or the family system suffocating in power struggles with strong-willed personalities I can help balance out the proverbial teeter-totter through proven and reliable techniques incorporating positive parenting, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, attachment parenting and The Parent Project™.

Parenting Young Children

parenting & family lifeThe early years of a child’s life are often referred to as the “formative years” because they are the very foundation that we grow from, shaping us as adults and how we engage with the world.

Together we will examine the family lifestyle to determine impacts on family behaviors. We will also explore parenting skills to improve consistency, communication and most importantly the bond of attachment with your children. We will look at the various types of reinforcement and how discipline is used and perceived.

Parenting Adolescents

parenting and family lifeMost parents will struggle through the adolescent years, the growing pains required for our children’s individuation. When it goes beyond the expected parent-adolescent relationship, The Parent Project™ tools help to diffuse power struggles and improve consistency, positive reinforcement and ultimately the very fibers of your relationship. This approach requires a strong level of commitment, motivation and works for families experiencing severe acting out behaviors.

In this curriculum, you will learn to

  • Effectively discipline or “ground” kids
  • Why time outs don’t work for strong willed children
  • Stop out of control and harmful behaviors
  • Provide loving and consistent structure for unwanted future behaviors
  • Never argue with kids again
  • Prepare action plans to address complex issues successfully
  • Reconnect with your kids while you witness them become functioning young adults



Are you experiencing frustration and overwhelm as a parent?
Are you concerned your relationship with your child is suffering?