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Parental Identity Discovery

More common than we would believe, adoptions, misled or falsified parentage are what I’ve coined Parental Identity Discovery™.

Not everyone has the simple story of a known mother and father in a nuclear family environment, even if you grew up thinking you had exactly that. Formerly known as Non-Paternity Events, with the advent of 23 and Me, and others, DNA testing is revealing long held family secrets with alarming consequences and frequency.  Namely identity confusion as you learn about unknown origins often resulting in deep identity issues.

Grief and loss become strong influencers, cycling you through all five stages of grief, questioning identity and values that previously felt solid.  You may learn about unknown family members and the true identity of parents never fathomed before.

EMDR is my treatment of choice for addressing the negative core beliefs that come from betrayals, falsehoods and changing identity.  This is a special kind of life transition that will affect everyone differently based upon developmental stage and support system.  A support system that often is ill-equipped to address a rapidly changing sense of self.

Loved ones will mistakenly state something harmful without knowing it.  Exploring this life transition in therapy can help change the unintended impact of your loved ones while rediscovering what was lost.


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Have you discovered a new parent from adoption or falsified parentage?
Have you experienced a major change in sense of self and strong feelings of grief?
Questions about DNA results or how to find true relatives and family history?
Contact Christina Fitzgibbons at My Hoodie Project for professionalism, dedicated and honest work and friendly support throughout the journey.