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Grief & Life Transitions

Touched by Grief

The inevitable hand of grief touches us all. Grief is the natural response to intense feelings brought about by sudden often catastrophic change we aren’t prepared for.  Losing a loved one, cherished companion animal or sense of purpose are common triggers for grief.

Everyone experiences grief in unique ways and at their own pace.  Processing the feelings associated with the loss and it’s effect on our identity is at the heart of grief counseling.

grief & life transitions

Grief is best approached with a nurturing hand, listening ear


Life Transitions

Life transitions impact us differently based upon our current developmental stage, nature of support systems and unresolved childhood issues resurfacing during the life change. Grief occurs during the loss of loved ones as well as major life transitions marked by the loss of a job, marriage/relationship, disconnection from family, changes in sexual or religious identity, empty nesting or onset of illness to name a few.

The goal of therapy for loss and life changes is not “to get over” the issue but to assimilate it into a new definition of yourself, creating a sense of peace and purpose.



Have you suffered the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship?
Have you experienced a major change in your life without your permission?