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Couples Counseling

Building Healthy Relationships Before the Wedding

Pre-marital counseling is an important element to starting your lives together and ensuring a happy marriage. I innovated this new approach to couples counseling by putting a larger emphasis on couples coming in before the wedding when stress is high from planning and family involvement can be toxic. Often couples wait an average of 6 years before addressing the trouble spots in their marriage,  cementing the problems. Pre-marital counseling allows for early resolution of the issues that would threaten the relationship down the road.

When You Should Seek Pre-Marital Counseling:

  • When you have been in a long courtship, it’s time to understand what’s holding you back
  • In order to understand mutual expectations, cultural and religious differences
  • When one partner is commitment-phobic
  • When you can’t resolve significant issues
  • When you have ended a marriage and want to try again

There are two reasons that my approach is different. First is the coaching element. Rather than entering into traditional therapy, this relationship is based on coaching you with skill-building activities so that you can build success in resolving conflicts that arise as the marriage matures. Second is the ability to bring in extended family members when family dynamics are at the core of the issue.

Whether in conflict or harmonious, taking advantage of pre-marital wedding coaching at minimum will solidify skills to strengthen intimacy and happiness through a combination of The Gottman Method for couples and the communication skills I teach in my successful anger management series.

Here’s What We Will Do Together

  • Address unresolved conflict directly
  • Set realistic and healthy expectations
  • Identify unmet needs or expectations and learn to communicate them with respect
  • Learn assertive communication skills
  • Learn relationship-building skills that create trust and intimacy
  • Learn to create boundaries if necessary
  • Create action plans for dealing with complex issues
  • Identify top priority issues and how to choose your battles
  • Address passive-aggression
  • Learn how you use anger and improve it
  • Learn how personal family history influences your situation


Couples Counseling

Marriage counseling usually comes at a time of high conflict and hurt feelings and can feel very challenging to experience. I use The Gottman Method to structure counseling for couples because it is steeped in decades of research, uses straightforward tools and language and is exceedingly supportive.

In couples counseling you will learn:

  • How to fight right; really hear your partner’s needs and communication while feeling heard yourself
  • How triggers from past family dynamics influence current behaviors and build a sense of trust with your partner
  • Specific skills for building emotional intimacy
  • The 4 major pitfalls of communication and their antidotes

Every relationship will experience conflict or stress occasionally. Learning the skills as described above will enable you and your partner to survive and thrive amidst the challenges.


Watch Jodi talk about couples counseling.



Are you getting married and need pre-marital counseling?
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