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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

 Adult ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder of the brain’s ability to organize information and perform tasks.  If you suspect you have ADHD you may relate to the following:

  • You have been referred to as “lazy” or “not meeting potential”
  • You probably find it difficult to sustain attention; “tuning out”
  • You lose things often and repeatedly
  • You have trouble getting started on a task unless really motivated or reminded
  • You were easily bored and found it difficult to tolerate that feeling and so pursued extreme physical activities, behaviors or addictions
  • You seek large amounts of caffeine, cocaine or drink alcohol excessively
  • You are probably the life of the party until called upon to be reliable
  • You may experience mood swings that others thought meant you were Bipolar
  • Your relationships eventually suffer because you cannot attend to them as expected
  • You may have been blamed for the chaos of the family (i.e.: vacations, holidays)
  • You may have cycled through multiple jobs in short periods of time
  • You have great ideas but difficulty carrying them out

This cluster of symptoms and many more are indicative of ADHD, which for many years was mistakenly believed to be only a disorder of childhood.  More sophisticated advances in brain science and improved diagnostic abilities now prove that it is not something you “grow out of”, but rather must learn to assimilate into your self-view.

I feel ADHD is best approached with a strength-based model and build my practice on work of Dr. Edward Hallowell. Through this approach, ADHD is accepted and benefits of it strengthened with practical tools that involve building external structures, involving supportive resources like coaching, supplements and possibly medication.

NEW!   I am offering cognitive coaching to ADHD clients in order to support their organizational and project goals.  Remove the burden from your spouse or parent by using ADHD coaching to focus on non-therapeutic issues like task management, project management and organization.  The pay structure for coaching is different than psychotherapy and available on my Book Now button under “ADHD Coaching”.


Useful ADHD Resources


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What Brings You Here?

Do you feel like you cannot accomplish daily tasks, are losing things?
Do you have difficulty sustaining attention or getting started?
Do you feel irritable, unfocused or moody?