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About Jodi

How I Work

I believe therapy is an opportunity for change, insight and growth and it drives how I work. Clients come into treatment to address painful situations, unwanted core beliefs and family of origin issues continuing to affect the present. Therapy is also an opportunity for improvement, strengthening what has worked and identifying long lost skills. It’s easy to forget that we’re strong and capable.

I structure therapy in a multidisciplinary manner to work holistically with emotional, behavioral and interpersonal elements. The core of my approach is rooted in Family Systems theory, which I apply treating individuals, couples and families, illuminating generations of behaviors culminating in one person; you.  I predominately use Cognitive-Behavioral interventions due to the practical nature of the skills.  They are often common sense tools we know but our perceptions usually get in the way of using them.

My Training

I received a Masters Degree in 2001 from Dominican University in San Rafael and obtained licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2004, opening my practice in Marin County. In 2014 I expanded to a satellite office in Napa. Now raising my own family with my husband of 18+ years in the Bay Area I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, being creative through writing, art, cooking, travel & participating in my religious & spiritual community.

Working in ADHD counseling it became clear that effective treatments would encompass multimodal research and interventions, using collaborative practice to support clients developing healthy patterns while addressing negative core beliefs. I have a bevy of tools to support the challenges that come with ADHD.

EMDR is my treatment of choice when working with fears, core beliefs and traumas from interpersonal to complex. Early traumas and life experiences shape our coping, self-talk, expectations and behavior & EMDR works quickly and effectively to assimilate that into healthy coping. I trained under founder Francine Shapiro and use it for critical incidents in first responder treatment as well as in ADHD treatment or anger management skills. The majority of tools in my unique Anger Management 101 Workbook are Cognitive-Behavioral and therefore, evidenced-based and court approved.

I coined Parental Identity Discovery™ to describe an experience as old as humanity: adoptions, falsified paternity, misled parentage, etc.  Understanding how to work with grief is important when working in this niche as the cycle between anger, hurt, denial and bargaining are present and contribute to a deep questioning of identity and belonging.

Finally, a modern, best practice includes a collaborative referrals in order to support a client’s general lifestyle; improving the influence and function of sleep, nutrition, exercise and overall self-care.



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Pro Bono and Community Work

“Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.”     – Will Rogers


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