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Life Transitions

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Life on the Couch


I want to talk about something I’m seeing more of lately in my practice: “non-paternity events“.  These are events as termed by law, sociology and clinical genetics to describe cases of false paternity, where a biological father is someone other than who is presumed to be.  Talk about Oops!  As it turns out, this is […]

Revenge Porn
July 14th, 2017 | Comment

I’ve just heard a new phrase – revenge porn. How in the world is this a thing? Seriously, how have we become that fucked up as a species that there is a thing as revenge porn? I’m also upset because I know this as a result of a Kardashian story, and I try actively to […]

Parenting a Tween
June 29th, 2017 | Comment

I am parenting a tween. He is imminently 12 years old and everything that encompasses: awkward, funny, overwhelmed by what he is learning, frustrated, frustrating and lazy. He hates that last descriptor, but there it is – and it’s true. He also has ADHD, which in itself includes lazy.   Parenting a Tween He feels […]